Equip Groups

Register for Equip Groups (usually 3-12 weeks) meeting at various times.

Group Day Time Location Category Teacher
2 Corinthians - Be the Victorious Church Tuesday 6:30 PM 327 Coed Group Becky Smith
Adoption & Foster Care Ready or Not Bible Study Spring 2023 Wednesday 6:00 PM 312 Coed Group N/A
Becoming a Disciplemaker- Accelerated Track Wednesday 6:00 PM JFBC Coed Group N/A
Beyond Boundaries Wednesday 6:00 PM 327 Coed Group N/A
Created to Create Thursday 7:00 PM 311 Women's Group Judith Bishop
Delighting in the Trinity Wednesday 9:30 AM 353 Women's Group Meredith Beatty
Early Career Women Tuesday 7:00 PM In-Home Small Group Women's Group Karen Guzman
EPIC Men's Group---2022-2023 Friday 6:30 AM Fellowship Hall Men's Group N/A
Even Better Than Eden Wednesday 9:30 AM 354 Women's Group Katy Younker
Every Word: 90 Day Read Thru the Bible (Thursday morning) Thursday 9:30 AM 311 Women's Group Kendra Jackson and Allison Hughes
Every Word: 90 Day Read Thru the Bible (Wednesday evening) Wednesday 6:00 PM 351 Women's Group Shay Antoniades and Joy Key
Every Word: 90 Day Read Thru the Bible (Wednesday morning) Wednesday 9:30 AM 341 Women's Group Susan Goodwin and Molly Sawyer
Forgiving What You Can't Forget Thursday 9:30 AM 321 Women's Group Susan Hixson
Frontline Apologetics: How to Explain & Defend Your Faith Wednesday 7:00 PM 105 Coed Group Jefrey Breshears
Gentle and Lowly Thursday 9:30 AM 314 Women's Group Kendra Hanson
Knowledge of the Holy Wednesday 9:30 AM 320 Women's Group Kristi Abney and Leigh Steele
Letter to the American Church Wednesday 7:30 AM 108 Coed Group Frank Horsman
Loved, Called, Changed: a study of Romans Wednesday 9:30 AM 341 Women's Group Melissa Rhoden, Kelley Rickman and Katie Petersen
Moms Collective (Winter+Spring 2023) Wednesday 6:00 PM 341 Women's Group Susan Goodwin
More of God in Our Lives and Stories Wednesday 9:30 AM 351 Women's Group Kim Johnson
Precept Upon Precept: Revelation, part 3 Wednesday 9:30 AM 270 Women's Group Gail Todd
Precept: 2 Peter + 1, 2, 3 John Wednesday 9:30 AM 321 Women's Group Kris Pettit
Teach Us To Want Tuesday 7:00 AM 108 Women's Group Betsy Bailey
The Big Picture, New Testament Continued Wednesday 9:30 AM The Landing Women's Group Lynn McWhorter, Kim Metry & Kris Rinne
The Character of a Follower of Jesus (morning In-home Small Group) Wednesday 10:00 AM In-Home Small Group Women's Group Nancy Coles
The Coming of God's Kingdom Wednesday 9:30 AM 356 Women's Group Debbie Norton
The Gospel on the Ground Wednesday 6:00 PM 356 Women's Group Sylvia Belland and Holly Claypool
Thriving Through (Winter 2023) Wednesday 6:00 PM 354 Women's Group Diana Fies
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