A New Place to Belong
Atrium Redesign Overview
One of our core values at Johnson Ferry is our belief in an unchanging message and a commitment to an ever-changing methodology. This value demands we understand our community and our culture and adapt to the needs of reaching our friends and neighbors with the life-changing message of the gospel. As we live out this commitment, it compels us to make strategic improvements to our campus.
Johnson Ferry Building Committee
Morris Gallion, Chief Preconstruction Manager, Commercial Construction | Philip Kopf PE, SE, Structural Engineer Consultant, Founder & President | Susan Boatright, Vice President/Director of Design, Interior Design | William Stocks, Senior Preconstruction Manager, Commercial Construction | Taylor Nester, Project Manager, Commercial Construction | Shane Bruce, JF Executive Director, Operations | Savanna Colwell, JF Executive Assistant, Operations | Joe Shadden, JF Director, Finance & Business | Rich Jones, JF Facilities | Mickey Taylor, JF Director, Technology
The Atrium
For those of you who have been around Johnson Ferry for a long time, you understand what a special and unique place that we serve in the Marietta community. Our building is filled every day of the week with thousands of people who are simply doing life together. We believe this is our mission, to be a place for people to belong. Our vision for a renovated atrium, café, and bookstore not only enhances the ability to bring the community into our space but helps us connect with them through meaningful relationships by having a cup of coffee, good food, and great conversation.
Atrium Staircase
Atrium Café
Atrium Full View
Atrium Sitting Area
The Church Offices
While our mission remains the same, our methods continue to change, so we believe it is essential for our office space to evolve as well. As we look to the future, we believe our existing office space is no longer conducive to the highly collaborative and creative work environment necessary to operate at our best. In addition, because of how our current space is designed, two of our teams, Global & Students, are located offsite. This renovation will help us finally bring our entire team under one roof and equip our staff with the tools they need to live out our mission and vision.
Offices 1
Offices 2
How's It Going
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Update 2.2
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Update 2.5
God continues to amaze us through your generosity! The past several years have been record giving years in the life of our church. So, because of your abundant generosity and our strategic planning we already have nearly all the funds to pay for this project.
  • We had a budget surplus from 2019-2021 of $3.4 million. During that time all events, activities, outreach projects and missions work continued without being affected.
  • We currently have a budget giving surplus of $1.3 million.
  • In this year’s budget we planned for $840,000 in building modernization.
  • There is $680,000 in our reserves.
  • $850,000 has been given directly to this project.
  • We estimate this project to cost approximately $7.25 million, which leaves us within $230,000 of fully funding the project with cash on hand. Praise God! We believe this deficit can made up by identifying key areas of savings throughout the project.
What a blessing it is to be a part of such a generous church. We aim to do all that we can and steward all that you’ve given for the glory of the Lord through this project.
The Timeline
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Blue Vertical Line
Feb 6
Clay cast the vision for the new space
March 7
Construction is scheduled to begin – north staircase closed for renovation
Alt. Staircase Map
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Late April
Framing complete in the café
Early June
Atrium floor demo begins
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Early July
Student Ministry offices complete
Late July
Install new north stairs
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Early August
Atrium flooring complete
Early August
Furniture install
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Early August
Promotion Sunday


Why are we remodeling the staircases in the center of the atrium?

We are trying to accomplish two goals.

  1. Open the space up and create better vision throughout the atrium. Once it’s complete you will be able to stand at one end and see all the way to the other end of the atrium.
  2. Improve the traffic flow in center of the atrium. This is one of the most populated places on Sunday morning. Our architect firm has studied traffic patterns for many weeks and the fire marshal has assessed the risk as well. We believe this will be a safer and more efficient space once it’s complete.

What are the plans for the Dogwood Conference room?

We are converting the Dogwood Conference room to support our mission of connecting people to our ministries. Our Connection Team’s office will be located in this area in order to put them closer to the people that visit our campus every day.

How will making the Café larger help accomplish our vision?

We had no idea that our café would be so popular when it was built many years ago. We are increasing the size and capabilities of the café to meet the existing demand, as well as creating new opportunities to grow as we reach our community for Christ. Coffee is more than just a drink; it is a reason to have a conversation.

Is the 2nd Floor Plaza (the space right outside the Sanctuary) getting a new look?

Like many spaces around our campus, The Plaza is used strategically and efficiently on Sundays, but it’s not used much at all Monday through Friday. We will be redesigning this space to create opportunities for staff and members to meet and do community together, without impacting it’s use on Sundays. The new space will include a new breakroom for JF staff to use during the week. This area will double as a connection center or meeting space on Sundays.

What is our style going to be in the atrium?

We are going for a warm and welcoming design which incorporates organic materials such as greenery, stones, and wood. We are a multigenerational church that values both the traditional and modern styles and designs, and we want all generations to feel comfortable in the space. The design will be complimentary of both traditional and modern styles.

Where will the library be located?

We love our library and many of you do too! So, we have thoroughly considered where the new location will work best. The library also does a tremendous amount of ministry in and around our community. So, the library isn’t disappearing, it is just getting a new home! This newly renovated space will be closer to the Fellowship Hall on the first floor and will now have an opportunity to be more visible by our church family on Wednesday nights. This new location will also serve the daily needs of our Johnson Ferry Christian Academy.

What about the Bookmark?

The new design will slightly reduce the dedicated footprint, but we will have the ability to move merchandise out into a much larger space that will be more accessible and inviting to both our members and the community.

Why are we renovating the staff's office space?

We have two primary goals with this renovation.

  1. We desire to finally have our staff under one roof, in one location. Today, we have two of our most talented teams sitting in a leased space across Johnson Ferry Rd. Not only is that expensive, but the productivity loss and communication deficits caused by being so far away have negative impacts on our ability to work together.
  2. We want to create a work space that is designed for the next generation of talented and high-capacity leaders. Our teams desire to work together in highly collaborative and creative environments. They thrive off of the energy they get from working with all ministries instead of working solely with their own, especially when planning for large community events. Our office space today, where every person has a private office, works against our ability to create that kind of culture.

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