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We believe in relational discipleship. 419 Groups help connect, equip, and multiply the next generation of disciple makers. These groups are relational, confidential, and progress with the goal of multiplication in mind. We invite you to be part of this process by beginning a 4:19 Group.

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What are 419 groups?

Based off Matthew 4:19 where Jesus tells his disciples he is going to make them fisher of men, we believe to be a disciple of Jesus means you are making disciples of Jesus.

In short 4:19 Groups are simple and collaborative, and it does not require anyone to teach. It merely creates opportunities to follow the ways of Jesus with others. You lead out of obedience in how the Lord is leading you personally and loving the people in your group as they do the same.

How do I get started?

We would encourage you to start praying about the people that God has placed in your life that may be far from Jesus. The Lord needs to lead in this movement in your life, so this is a great place to start. Next, check out our Facilitators Guide - An Invitation to Disciple-Making. We developed this guide with you in mind. It is a great place to learn more about what it means to be a relational disciple-maker. Another great way to learn is by experience! Find someone who has been in a 419 group before, or contact us to get connected to one. Group time is easy to lead, but we want you to experience how relational these groups are before creating a relational environment for your group. Here is a simple guide for each meeting if you are curious.

Who can be in a 419 group?

  • Discipleship is all about relationships, starting with friends is great and could take your friendship to new levels.
  • Jesus modeled ministry with relationships. There are way more personal conversations than sermons in the Gospels.
  • Start praying for your friends and acquaintances now to see if some of them may want to join you in disciple-making.
  • Jesus told his disciples to love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Focus on ways to build trust with your neighbors including letting them be a help you.
  • Express your need for a close group of neighborhood friends. They need it too, but they want a real relationship with you. No one wants to feel like a project.
  • The perk of a neighborhood 419 group is the short commute.
  • Invite a group from work to meet before or after work or lunchtime.
  • Be flexible as it can be a weekly challenge to find the right time for everyone.
  • If you can’t meet onsite, look for a location close by the office.
  • Some companies have formalized ways for affinity groups to meet during office hours or for extended lunch breaks (Toastmasters, etc.).
  • Mom and dad can lead the family in a 419 group.
  • The questions are simple enough for kids to enjoy and learn as well, but make it fun and engaging for them.
  • Invite extended family if they are in town to participate.
  • Use ZOOM to include family members that live far away if that would be good for your family.
  • Invite friends and classmates to join your 419 group.
  • Determine if the best time to meet is before or after school? On campus or off?
  • Our students deal with lots of challenges on a week-to-week basis. Many would be interested if a friend invited them to a group to share their life and study the life of Jesus.
  • We believe this generation of students is ripe for revival, but not necessarily through pastors. It will likely be through their peers.
  • Who do you stand at the bus stop with?
  • Who do you carpool with?
  • Who is in your workout class?
  • Who has God put into the natural rhythms of your life?



We want to hear your story!

Send us a video of how the Lord is working in and through your 419 Group. We have made a quick video cheat sheet cheat sheet so make sure you check that out before you get started. Once you have recorded your video, email us and we will give you delivery instructions.

Other Questions?

We want to help any way we can.

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