Neighboring Toolbox

Who is my neighbor? This is a timeless question that was asked in biblical times. Jesus answered the question by telling the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) who showed mercy to someone in need. At the end of the story Jesus said, "Go and do likewise."

During this COVID-19 season, we are still called to “go and do likewise.” Showing mercy to your neighbor may look and feel different, but whatever needs arise, your obedience brings glory to God.

Love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39). How can you do that today? Pray through some of these resources and consider how God can use you to love others. The hope that can only be found in Him is ours to share. Look for ways to pray for people, share your testimony and, share the Gospel.*

*Because of your age, health or those you care for, use caution not only for yourself, but also for those you serve.

Where do I start? Know their names
How do I engage? Relationship
  • Consistent prayer walking ( / Prayer guide by Jen Pollock Michel: Praying in Pandemic
  • Art of Neighboring COVID–19 Toolkit
  • Call, e-mail or knock on the doors of your neighbors to check on them
  • Buy groceries, pick up prescriptions, pull out the garbage for older neighbors
  • Deliver diapers to a single mom or young family on your block
  • Have healthcare workers, first responders on your street? See if they have needs, get the other neighbors to write encouragement cards, or decorate their driveway with chalk
  • Serve a local ministry. Subscribe to our Local Ministries Newsletter for monthly updates
  • Donate to our Food Drive
  • Many are experiencing stress and negative emotions right now. Consider sharing our COVID-19 Counseling Resources.
Get Inspired – Be Inspiring

Be a Gospel Giver

  • Take the initiative to contact and pray with a friend (hairdresser, server, etc.) who needs a blessing. Share the gospel as appropriate. Consider pre-paying for services to help them along.
  • Give financial gifts to those in your circle from your personal funds. Send gifts digitally through apps like VENMO.
  • Continue to give to the local church and ministries you support. For those who fundraise their support, these are uncertain times. Your gift is a beautiful way to encourage them.
Next Steps

One day we will all gather in groups, visit homes and embrace one another. Why not start dreaming now about ways to engage with those whom you have formed or renewed relationships? With hard days ahead, this may feel strange, but one day things will be different and we want to be ready.

  • Who would you like to have over for a meal?
  • How can your street celebrate? Block party? Progressive dinner?
  • What wins can you celebrate that were missed? Birthdays? Graduations? Babies? New neighbors?
  • What about a walking club? Garden club? Book club?
  • Host an IF: Table
  • What is the difference between entertaining and biblical hospitality? Decide what this will look like in your home.
  • Who can you invite to join an in-home Bible study? What would you like to study? A book of the Bible? Stories of hope? NBS2Go? We can help you with resources!

When will this happen? Thankfully, God knows. He is sovereign, holds us in the palm of His hand, and remains faithful. He is a keeper of promises. Until the time we can gather, we can hold firm to His promises, pray for His intervention, and lift up those who are far from God or not believers. Dream big! Our God is the God who gives more than we can ever hope or imagine.


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